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These links have been so incredibly useful when researching and looking at future projections for the mobile advertising industry.


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Test Site

This is the third mobile design site I have used and it would appear to be third time lucky! This is definitely my favourite site as it has an easy to use interface and allows much more manipulation than the other two I tried. It gives you helpful demonstrations when you first access the site to help you get started.  It also allows you to create a fully functioning phone emulator to display your site on… not only that but it allows you to embed the emulator on your chosen site!! Mobilemo allowed me to upload sound files, images and documents and also allows you to alter the colouring of the site. The site does however have small advertisements at the bottom of the page, the adverts are more discreet than on the other sites and doesn’t appear to show embarrassing ads for dating agencies like the other.

Out of the three sites I have tested, and I would definitely recommend this as a starting point for designing your own mobile site. I had the best results from using this site and would definitely use it again.

To check out my phone emulator click below!

View my Mobile Site 
Wap Logo

I have been looking into creating web pages for display on mobile phones and the different sites available for creating them. So far I have had a go using and

First… this was the first site I tried, it was very easy to set up etc but the look of the site after is very basic, the site also doesn’t allow you to preview your new site on a phone. The site also displays advertisements that you have no control over. I will continue to experiment but I think that this site is OK ….. until you find something better. … I really like this site, it allows you to pick a mobile device to preview your site on, insert images etc… it just gives you more control over the appearance of the site in general… thumbs up so far! I have also signed up to and am having some problems with the log in but will give it another go soon.