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This website lets me track the amount of traffic from the URL ( that was used in my viral marketing campaign.


LED’s + Sheep = amazing viral marketing video!

While flicking through the iPhone apps store a week or so ago I came across an advertisement app to promote the up and coming horror  film ‘The unborn’. So I gave it a click!

unborn_main has done a full write up of the app release that is pretty interesting. The app itself didn’t really interest me, it was a bit dull to be honest (the fake call was I admit the high point) BUT the idea to promote films in this way did.

As most films rely on movie trailers and billboards to generate publicity it is great to see the big film companies getting a bit more creative.

Neil Wirasinha, Director of International Advertising & Media at Universal Pictures International said,

“The app gives people an insight into what the movie is like. This is primarily through the trailer, which is the usually the strongest part of a movie marketing package. And the iPhone is an excellent carriage for that,”

With apps becoming more and more influential in the advertising market place I am looking forward to watching different advertising demographics move into this new area of development, and bring back some excitement to advertising.

*please excuse the random posh accent (the pressure of being recorded got to me) Oh and yes that is llama in the background*