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*please excuse the random posh accent (the pressure of being recorded got to me) Oh and yes that is llama in the background*


Could you stand living in the real world? Without the internet we would all have to live in the real world, think about it, things such communication would be soooo much harder. There would be no facebook, twitter, email, skype or BLOGS….. just think you would have to either pick up the phone or heaven forbid talk to the person face to face…. ACTUAL HUMAN CONTACT!!!!

No internet would mean we would actually have to think for ourselves and maybe just maybe have to get up off our comfy chairs….what a scary world that would be! Research would involve hours… maybe days of work instead of just a few clicks. 

I think inconvenient is the word that sums it up best but with this massive inconvenience hanging over our heads would we be able to develop better relationships? Kids now are spending a lot of their time in virtual worlds that the internet creates, would there be less obesity? less therapy? By not having the access to or ever knowing the internet would our society be more sociable or does the internet allow us the ability to talk to people we would otherwise never have met or talk to?

What would you be doing, where would you be, who would you be if there was no Interent? – to me this question just poses more questions instead of answers, many people would be terrified by the prospect of no internet but if there was no internet you never know we may have developed something far more superior to take its place… or we may just be content living a simpler life as people did (i promise) before the interent exploded into our lives. Either way I guess we will never know….. What do you think?