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Show off your creative talent and express why you love blogging (and WordPress) through an original design, to be printed and sold on laptop and iPhone skins to adoring bloggers everywhere.

Winning designs will be sold in the Infectious store and shown off on the backs of laptops and iPhones the world over. Winners are chosen by community vote on Infectious, with the final say made by an all-star judging panel: Matt Mullenweg, Matt Thomas, Derek Powazek, and Team Infectious.

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Ok so over the past few weeks I have just made a note of a few sites that I have been on that I have found particularly inspiring for one reason or anther… I will explain each one. So first up is


I really love everything about this website from the layout style to the content. I would really like to create something along these lines for my own ePortfolio,what I really like about this site is the simplicity and cleanness of the layout…. i LOVE straight lines…always have done so this site has obvious appeal. The site is for a guy called Kyle Bean who is a illustrator, designer and maker of “things” based in Brighton.

zuttoworldzutto illustrationZutto illustration

I have recently started experimenting with vector art and found this website with some amazing illustrations.  I also really like the use of typography and the childlike even innocent feel to the illustrations….Beautiful! It is created by a illustrator and graphic designer called Zutto from Moscow.


This site is more of a reminder as a place of inspiration for more vector artwork, there are some really amazing images kicking around on this site and is well worth a look!

Is a fantastic design website that contains everything from product design to image manipulation, I could send forever on here. Whilst browsing I came across a section under inspiration on image manipulation by Tebe Interesno…. Amazingly Beautiful, have to, have to, have to check his images out. I picked out a few of my favourites…Sooooo cute!



I have decided to make a list of sites that I love the design of,  I will add to this post as I come across sites I like. I am going to start the list off with a sites I just stumbled across its a fab little flash site to advertise Miki Mottes animation and illustrations skills. I was thinking it might be nice to create an ePortfolio a bit like this.. either way check it out and have a play!