Ok so over the past few weeks I have just made a note of a few sites that I have been on that I have found particularly inspiring for one reason or anther… I will explain each one. So first up is



I really love everything about this website from the layout style to the content. I would really like to create something along these lines for my own ePortfolio,what I really like about this site is the simplicity and cleanness of the layout…. i LOVE straight lines…always have done so this site has obvious appeal. The site is for a guy called Kyle Bean who is a illustrator, designer and maker of “things” based in Brighton.


zuttoworldzutto illustrationZutto illustration

I have recently started experimenting with vector art and found this website with some amazing illustrations.  I also really like the use of typography and the childlike even innocent feel to the illustrations….Beautiful! It is created by a illustrator and graphic designer called Zutto from Moscow.



This site is more of a reminder as a place of inspiration for more vector artwork, there are some really amazing images kicking around on this site and is well worth a look!


Is a fantastic design website that contains everything from product design to image manipulation, I could send forever on here. Whilst browsing I came across a section under inspiration on image manipulation by Tebe Interesno…. Amazingly Beautiful, have to, have to, have to check his images out. I picked out a few of my favourites…Sooooo cute!