I wanted to really get to grips with blogging before I passed any kind of judgement on it and it would appear I have been sucked in. After making myself add posts for my college research I am now really getting into using blogs as a way of recording information.

To begin with I opened a Blogger account and found as my first experience it was very positive. It was a great introduction into the world of blogging and didn’t overload me with technical information, it just kept things very basic… (which was how I liked it). Soon however after spending some time with it I because frustrated with the limits it placed upon you… I guess kind of out grew it! The thing that was most important to me was the look of the site… and blogger just didn’t do its self any favours on this front.

So I  made the leap to WordPress!!

And how lad am I that I did… It’s so purdy!! I love the look of my Blog and find there were many ways to improve my logs with things like widgets…. I did in the beginning have a problem with the fact you couldn’t add posts to your ‘pages’ but I am slowly coming to terms with that fact and am starting to move on. I would love to in time create my own blog but for now i’m just taking it one step at a time…. and loving it!